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As architects, designers, engineers and consultants, we partner with our clients on some 20 projects every year. These projects can be as small as a door handle or as large as a new urban district. With more than 18 professionals networked across 2 locations, we serve our clients as trusted advisors, combining localized expertise with global perspective wherever new opportunities arise.

Our work reflects an enduring commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.

ziad matt el-khoury
CEO and Chief Conceptual Designer

Ziad earned his degrees from the most prestigious universities in the world Beirut (Lebanon), Milan (Italy) and Boston (USA).

Highly adept at all project coursework, Ziad possesses a keen working grasp of every phase from initial conceptualization through the planning, design, and construction phases.
An impressive body of work comprises a unique portfolio of diverse projects and renovations that speaks for itself. Impressive though his education may be, Ziad’s portfolio transcends his educational credentialing. And it signifies more than his experience, which is generous. It speaks direct testimony to the imagination and fresh genius reflective in his work. His experience is only tender in years. In addition to residential and commercial projects and renovations, Ziad already brings a catalogue of facility-project experience bearing the names of some very prominent clients to the table. World-re-known hallmarks of institutional elites such as Harvard University bear proud witness to Ziad’s design prowess. As do DISNEY Children Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The prelude, if you will, underscoring those accomplishments is his extensive background in architecture, landscaping, mechanical, graphic, product and lighting design directing all project phases, from design through completion of construction, coordinating the efforts of contractors; architectural, engineering, and landscaping consultants.

He is at once the creator, the mentor, the artist, the choreographer and hard-working force with a finely tuned ability to pull a project together and bring it home. Ziad certainly understands dreams. But he also understands clients’ motivations, budgets, deadlines, utility, policies, hierarchy and resources. Ziad’s self-described approach is one of pairing, “technical qualifications with an innate sense of creativity in the design of aesthetically attractive, architecturally strong, and utilitarian space.” 

An architect and designer worked and designed for  PHILIPS”  Philips Design

Ziad received an Outstanding Impact Award from the International Interior Design Association IIDA , the American Institute of Architects AIA and other prestigious design awards.

It is a fair summary, but he is modest. Attentive to the client, sensitive to content, he labors with an uncompromising integrity to achieve even the unachievable.